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Sleek Black Gold

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Sunglasses Men Polarized Men’s Glasses Man Sunglass Brand Design Mirror Lens Black Gold Oculos Masculino

Size information:

1. Lens Height : 53 mm 2. Nose Bridge: 20 mm 3. Lens Width: 65 mm 4. Temple length : 133 mm 5. Frame Width: 151 mm Note: Allow 1-3mm size error due to manual measuring 

Available color

C1 gold frame and brown lens C2 gun frame and grey lens C3 silver frame and grey lens Polarized and 100%UV400 protection

Detail information

Full metal design, unique nose pads. Wear comfortable.

How to maintain sunglasses?

Note: after wearing the polarizer, do not put the polarizer on the console of the car to avoid deformation of the polarizer due to high temperature. Also, do not immerse the polarizer in water for a long time. If you do not need to use a polarizer for a long time, please put the polarizer in a special glasses bag to make the lens of the polarizer more fully protected.